Imonggo Enterprise Bulk Import Documentation

Imonggo Ent© supports bulk import of data. Data can be uploaded usually in CSV format to an ftp account provided by Imonggo technical support team. Imonggo scans the incoming folder every 10 minutes for incomings files and process them accordingly.

The file uploaded should strictly follow the file naming convention as described in this document. This will allow Imonggo to process the file correctly including deriving the account id from the file name, checking for duplicate batch, etc.

In case of error in the processing, the administrator will be notified via email with diagnostic detail. The administrator email must be setup from the Control Center -> Account Settings.

Upon completion of the processing, the CSV files whether successful or failed, will be archived. These files will automatically be removed in 30 days.

Supported Bulk Data

Imonggo Ent© currently supports the following bulk import.

  • Products - product information
  • Prices - price information

Product Import

Bulk Product Import supports the following fields.

Field name Description
stock-no Unique stock no
name Item name or short description
description A longer description of the product
barcodes One or more barcodes separated by comma
retail-price selling price
status Either "" or "D", "" indicates active status, use "D" to mark a product as deleted
unit-name Base Unit name
category-name Category name
supplier-name Supplier name
brand-name Brand name
disable-inventory 1 - true, 0 - false, set to true if there is no need to track inventory
enable-decimal-quantities 1 - true, 0 - false, set to true if you want to allow decimal quantities
enable_open_price 1 - true, 0 - false, set to true to allow store to change price

Price Import

Bulk Price Import supports the following fields.

Field name Description
stock-no Unique stock no to identify the product
retail-price Retail price of the item

File Naming Conventions

The table below defines the convention used to name the data files. In general, the filename follows the format of prefix-batchno-YYYY-MM-DD_account.csv.

SN Part Name Description Example
1 prefix must be products or prices products
2 batch-no sequential no 1,2,3,...100,101,..etc
3 date-field date in YYYY-MM-DD 2014-08-01
4 account-id account id petron
5 extension tmp or csv csv

An example of the file products-101-2014-08-01_petron.csv

FTP Account

A designated ftp server, user and password will be provided to you to upload the bulk data. When uploading the data, you should follow this protocol:

  1. Use the extension .tmp while the file is being uploaded
  2. Upon completion of upload, change the file extension to .csv

Doing so will avoid the server processing an incomplete upload.