Document Fields

Documents fields can be grouped as follows:

  • Basic Header Fields
  • Additional Header Fields
  • Document Line fields

Basic Header Fields

Field Name Description
id* Unique Id that identifies the document within your account
document_no* System assigned sequential number within the branch
reference User reference number that identifies the document.
document_type_code document date and time (write only)
remark notes or remark

Additional Header Fields

Field Name Description
user_id User who created this invoice
status* "S" when document is posted. "V" when document is voided or cancelled.
voided_reason* Remark indicating why the document is cancelled.
voided_by_id* User who voided the invoice
voided_at When the document was voided

** All the fields in this table are read only.

Document Lines Fields

Field Name Description
product_id+ product ID
product_name* product name
product_stock_no* product stock no.
line_no++ optional sequential number that identifies the item in the document
retail_price++ item price
discount_text++ discount either in percent or in value (e.g. 10%, 5)
quantity++ quantity (default is 1)
subtotal++ subtotal is net price x quantity