Customer Fields

Customer fields can be grouped into four:

  • Basic information
  • Address and contact information
  • Membership information
  • Other information

Basic Information

SN Field Name Width Description
1 id* Unique ID
2 code* Unique customer code, system assigned based on format
3 alternate_code 30 User assign alternate customer code
4 first_name 50 First name
5 last_name 50 Last name
6 name 100 Full name, concatenation of first and last name (max 100)
7 company_name 50 Company name
8 tin 30 Tax Identification Number
9 tax_exempt Tax exempt flag (default is false), set to true if customer is tax exempt

Address & Contact Information

SN Field Name Width Description
10 street 50 Street
11 city 50 City
12 state 50 State (Two Letter State code, only applicable for USA)
13 zipcode 50 Zip code
14 country 2 Country Code (Two letter country code. Refer to this table for complete list)
15 telephone 50 Telephone number
16 fax 50 Fax number
17 mobile 50 Mobile number
18 email 50 Email address
19 remark Remark

Membership Information

SN Field Name Description
20 customer_type_id* Customer Membership type id
21 customer_type_name* Customer Membership Type name
22 discount_text* Discount in percent based on membership type (e.g. "5%")
23 available_points* Reward points available

Other Information

SN Field Name Description
24 birthdate Birthday in YYYY-MM-DD format
25 utc_created_at* Created date and time
26 utc_updated_at* Last updated date and time
27 status* D if deleted, otherwise NULL


  1. Fields mark with * are read only.
  2. Fields returned may not be in above order.
  3. When invalid birthdate is passed to server, the birthdate will be set to null.
  4. For the text fields with width specified, if you passed text with length more then the specified width, the text will be truncated.